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Wild Dreamer Farmacy

Wood Element Seasonal Herbal Wellness Box

Wood Element Seasonal Herbal Wellness Box

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Medicinal remedies tailored to the rhythms and movement of spring what is known as the wood element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Exclusive medicinal offerings from farm to pharmacy. For each of the 5 Elements we will be sharing medicinal offerings that help your being stay in harmony through the natural transitions. 

What's included in the Wood Element Farmacy Box:

1 herbal tea + 1 flower essence + 1 herbal infused oil + 1 herbal bath salt

Wood Element Tea

Nourish | Strengthen | Rejuvenate  

*Burdock root, *hawthorne leaf, * hawthorne berry, *Hawthorne leaf, *dandelion root, *skullcap *dandelion leaf, licorice, goji berry

*herbs sourced directly from farmers

Cleanse and nourish the liver. Strengthen the lungs + heart. Ground the spirit. Move stagnant qi outward, while cooling inflammation to help replenish energy and vitality.

Cosmic Harmony Flower Essence

Balance Emotions | Release Attachments | Relieve Anxiety | Align To The Cosmic Path

Pasque flower and Purple Lilac Flower Essence Blend

Illuminate the Sea Bath Salts 

Inner Light | Yin Energy | Creativity | Expansion

The healing properties of mugwort and cottonwood buds infused in olive oil combined with Epson salts, baking soda, Celtic sea salt, blue lotus, California poppy, and lavender essential oils.

Illuminate the Sea Body Oil

Wildcrafted cottonwood buds and mugwort from my garden 

Re- illuminate your sacred vessel. stimulate chi to help heal deeply rooted pain, inflammation, and spiritual trauma. Rub a little on areas of trouble. Or Try adding to a warm bath during a waning moon.

Use for Abhyanga as a body massage oil, for muscle, joint and nerve pain, menstrual cramps, anxiety, nervous tension, and adrenal burnout. 

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