Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Policy:

Please note that we do not ship daily. Orders can be expected to ship within one week. You will receive an email as soon as your order is scanned at the post office.

Refund Policy

We do not allow returns or refunds unless an item is defective or we have made a mistake. If there was an issue made on our behalf, please email us at info@wilddreamerfarms.com with a photo within 14 days of purchase.

Please note, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, or broken orders. Priority insurance through USPS covers $50 of mistakes made on their behalf and additional insurance can be added to any order.

To file an insurance claim, go to USPS.com and enter your tracking number. They are normally quick about processing the claims. You must have a photo of any damage to the box and a photo that shows the shipping label for proof.

How Much Should I Use?

Dosage is a highly personal part of herbal products. It depends on the person using it and how they're using it, which product they are using and what you are using it for. Each of our products have general recommended dosage but we highly encourage some independent research and intuition. You can often look up the herbs in a formula to find more about dosage per weight and use. You can also typically determine intuitively based on your desired outcome. Some will be simply trying to nourish and maintain a particular system of the body while others may be actively fighting infection. It is always best to consult with any practitioners you may be seeing.


What is the shelf life for herbal products?

The shelf life of our products depends on the menstrum used. Anything preserved with alcohol tinctures, flower essences, sprays, elixers, etc. will have a much stronger shelf life than any products in a oil base.

Alcohol based products will last up to three years.

Body Oils and other oil based products will last up to one year.

Teas can last a couple years. 

How do I find Drug Interactions? 

If you are on any over the counter or prescription drugs, we suggest looking up interactions with the herbs you wish to use. But more importantly consult your heath care practitioner. Without working with you one on one, herbalists are not legally allowed to answer personalized questions.

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Please consult with your primary care physician or health practitioner. Without working with folks one on one, herbalists are not legally allowed to answer personalized questions. You may also research the herbs in the product you wish to use for any studies that indicate safety.

I have (insert health condition) and would like to know what you recommend to treat it?

We recommend that you consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbs or herbal preparations.  We do not prescribe formulas, tinctures or herbs.  Any information given on this website regarding traditional usage is meant for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional.

Can I request a custom order?

We create small batch products and do not offer custom formulas at this time. But hope to offer this in the future. 

How do I maintain herb quality after I receive my package?

Always store herbal products of all kinds away from heat, light and moisture in a sealed container for the best quality and shelf life.

Where do you source your herbs?

We strive to source herbs (when possible) directly from farmers who have sustainable growing practices that are either grown organically or biodynamically. We also grow a small batch of herbs with organic and biodynamic practices . And we also wildcraft some herbs. Carefully considering the location it is being harvested from. We always ask permission from the plant and never harvest anything that is endangered or any plants that may be struggling that year.  Harvesting is done with care from the garden and the land with deep reverence and reciprocity. If you have any questions please email us.