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Illuminate The Sea Herbal Bath Salts | Calming Relief & Restful Sleep

Illuminate The Sea Herbal Bath Salts | Calming Relief & Restful Sleep

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The healing properties of mugwort and cottonwood buds infused in olive oil combined with epson salts, baking soda, Celtic sea salt, blue lotus, California poppy, and lavender essential oils.The lunar energy of these herbs illuminate your inner waters, shinning a light on the darkness. Allowing us to access the essence of yin by illuminating inner wisdom, guidance, power and creative possibility.

Arising out of uncertainty and scattered thoughts so we can begin to learn to trust our inner guidance by carefully observing with out judgement. Freeing our core nature and intuition so we can transition into the next phase of the moon. 

The meaning behind the name illuminate the sea was inspired by the Illuminated sea acupuncture point that I discovered when practicing qi gong.

The point signifies the moonlight dancing on the vastness of the ocean. What does this image evoke within you? What does it allow you to access? It is a gateway into tapping into the powerful source of energy of water. Massaging the point allows us to embody water. Letting the energy flow. Allowing us to work though our fears by becoming aware of our inner power and wisdom like it has no bounds.

The moon represents yin energy and our essential nature that is unformed, creative and full of possibility. You may look out at the light on the water and feel the dance between certainty and uncertainty. The illuminated sea invites us to trust who we are through times of transition with trust and certainty.

The illuminated sea point is part of the kidney meridian which is connected to the liver system because the wood element is nourished by water. Maintaining harmony with our vitality and regulating the flow of chi and energy.

Cottonwood and mugwort paired together create a similar symbiosis. Stimulating, nourishing and relieving our internal energy through applying herbs directly on the skin. Or even better through the power of water during a nice bath. Increasing blood flow, activating the central nervous system and activating the bodies pain relieving mechanisms to help us find healing through the elemental makeup of nature.

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