Bio- Regional Herbalism With A Taoist Medicine Twist

Jess Ryan is a wandering herbalist, biodynamic gardener, and student of taoist medicine. She calls the mountains and forests of Colorado home. Where she creates seasonal offerings from herbal infused oils, tea blends, flower essences, elixirs, tinctures, and more. Medicines that help us remember our connection to nature through the seasons. 

Wild Dreamer Farmacy is made with herbs that are ethically wildcrafted and sourced directly from small organic farmers, whenever possible. The intention behind sourcing is always reciprocity by giving my devotion directly to the land and the small plant farmers who care about each and every plant they grow. The people behind the medicine are just as important as the medicine itself when it comes to curating plant medicine that heals us on every level. The care that goes into these products is considered at every stage. Only creating small batches of what is abundantly available.  

The intention with this plant medicine is to help others learn how to use whole, vibrational, plants to heal not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. These products are meant to help you form a deeper bond to the plants  and yourself. Encouraging you to live beyond the edges so you can find "the tao" or "the way". Your unique path that empowers you to heal yourself.