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Fire Element Seasonal Herbal Wellness Box

Fire Element Seasonal Herbal Wellness Box

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Medicinal remedies tailored to the rhythms and movement of summer what is known as the fire element in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Exclusive medicinal offerings from farm to pharmacy. For each of the 5 Elements we will be sharing medicinal offerings that help your being stay in harmony through the natural transitions. 

Each herb and ingredient has been carefully chosen to support us during the fire season. Supporting our organs and emotions. Evoking a open heart with herbs that help circulate the blood and strengthen vitality. Giving us the gifts of clarity and joy so we can enjoy everything the summer season has to offer. Especially through the quick transitions from wood to fire, and from fire to earth. 

What's included in the Fire Element Farmacy Box:

1 herbal tea + 1 face scrub + 1 Herbal Tonic

Heart Protector Herbal Tea

Heart + Spirit + Nervous System Medicine

Anise hyssop, hawthorne leaf, *milky oats, *ashwaganda, marshmallow root, wild rose, lemon verbena. 

 This blend is extremely special because I was able to source from Colorado growers. Cannot get better than that. So much love is in this tea which makes it perfect medicine for the heart. 

2 oz bag ~ *Herbs grown locally in Colorado ~ Makes a really lovely sun tea or iced tea.

Start your morning or wind down at night with this relaxing blend that supports the activation of the Heart Protector. Giving us a chance to stay still and cultivate our Shen (heart spirit). Allowing us to take in the present moment, drop into the consciousness of our heart and find wisdom by clearing our thoughts and just being. Finding joy in the abundance of summer and being satisfied with the simplicity of life.

This blend is made specifically to protect the heart and harmonize the fire element during the summer. This tea has nerviness + adaptogens that help calm and relax the entire system when we are facing stress, fatigue, anxiety or trauma of any kind. These herbal allies help our hearts circulate our blood so we feel encouraged to open up. Giving us the capacity to move freely. 

 Mallow & Hibiscus Face Scrub


Hibiscus is high in vitamin c which helps build collagen and regenerates skin elasticity giving you a youthful glow. It also helps with redness and evens skin tone and is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Marshmallow is moistening for dry skin and helps to repair damage due to dryness. And helps the skin retain moisture.

Luminous Shen Tonic

Summer tonic made with apple cider vinegar + garden fresh herbs. Beyond delicious with the slightly lemony conifer notes from the spruce tips.

4 oz dropper bottle

Supports overall well being by regulating the functions of the heart and digestive system. Contains a boost of vitamins, minerals + antioxidants. Stimulates + tonifies qi.

Cleavers, Nettle, Red clover, Raspberry Leaf, lemon balm, Spruce tips, Chamomille, + ACV

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