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Pine and Blue Vervain Body Oil | Tension Release

Pine and Blue Vervain Body Oil | Tension Release

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When Water and Fire Meet Body Oil

Give love time and space it needs to expand from within. Begin to ease tension and come back to yourself.

Connect with your internal environment. Lift the spirit. Calm and open the mind. Open the lungs and nasal passages. Treat muscle and nerve pain. Relieve anxiety. Ease nervous tension. Circulate Qi. Rub a little on areas of trouble or try adding to a warm bath.

Blue vervain is known as a relaxant, mild sedative that helps moves blood and circulate qi. It is a beloved nervine that relaxes muscles, reduce muscle spasms, calm excessive thinking, promote a sense of well-being, improve symptoms of insomnia and so much more. Vervain is a very well known enchanted herb that is associated with Venus and the Moon. It magical properties have historically been used for creativity, inspiration, Love, magic, protection, transformation, abundance, healing, divination, and vivid dreams.

Pine medicine opens the lungs + heart. While lifting the spirit and purifying the environment. Pine is one of our rare medicines that can be harvested year round. It has been used in fire ceremonies and rituals all over the world. The magical properties commonly known are for healing, protection, fertility, prosperity, cleansing.

When water and fire meet is a phrase used in Chinese Medicine. Fire and water are two of the most powerful elements of nature, and each is quintessential for the existence of life on earth. Together, the sun and rain perpetuate the endless cycle fertility and growth. Creating the alchemy of love, passion, and vitality. This can lead to more intimate and vibrant relationships + contribute to greater health and happiness.

*Pine and *blue Vervain in organic olive oil

*Sustainably + ethically wildcrafted

Made in Fort Collins, Colorado


**Not evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always talk to your doctor or practitioner before using any herb.
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